Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski

 As a veterinarian and healer, I have been combining my conventional medical knowledge with various spiritual and energetic healing methods, as well as herbal medicine, for 30 years. I see people, animals and plants and also the earth as holistic beings.

In addition to our physical body, we all have an energy body: the aura with countless chakras, which represent the connecting gates between all our bodies. Meridians with their acupuncture points run through the entire body as fine energy channels. In addition, the 5 elements live in us.

In this holistic system everything is stored on the subtle level that has ever happened to us. In this and previous lives. Be it emotional or mental shocks, trauma, energetic patterns, unhealthy beliefs, blockages, heavy emotions or even karmic entanglements such as ancestral issues or karmic patterns that we still carry with us in this life. All these experiences leave traces in the energy field, which manifest themselves.

In many cases, the causes and triggers for diseases can be found here, which are expressed in the form of psychological and physical symptoms.

Imbalances in the system lead to condensation and interference fields in body, mind and soul. 

When the natural order is restored, transformation occurs.

Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski

I see myself as a mediator and link between the worlds and work with ancient knowledge from various traditions and the latest findings in information medicine. With my scientific approach and spiritual view of the world, I accompany people and animals on their personal transformation path of recovery, as far as the divine plan allows. Upon request, I can include the living and working space.

Please write to me for further inquiries.