Heart and Wombchakra

Purification of the wombchakra and healing of the heart

The womb chakra is an additional, subtle chakra, which both women and men have. Women also have it on the physical level in the form of the uterus, which gives them a special role in creation. This chakra is a source of the highest spiritual energy and creative power. Through this energy center, we are connected with everything that is, and directly connected with the source of all beings, the divine origin. Here is where our vitality lies.

The wombchakra energetically stores all karma and all experiences from all past lives.

Purifying this chakra means clearing and releasing karma. Healing broken hearts, abuse, deep injuries and trauma, disappointments and betrayal. The pain of past partnerships is alleviated and current relationships are able to harmonize. This also applies to strained relationships with one’s own mother, father or children, family disorders in the ancestry as well as disappointments in relationships.

People with a broken heart unconsciously build high protective walls around their hearts so that these disappointments do not repeat themselves, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to allow deep love relationships to evolve again. Nevertheless, a great longing remains for one to find their Soulmate, to find love and to find peace.

Since the wombchakra is also physically present in a woman as her uterus, the healing also influences physical diseases of the female genital area. Injuries caused to or in a woman’s wombchakra can painfully affect her entire life. This also means the collective injuries that mothers unconsciously passed on to their daughters over the centuries. Trapped emotions, as well as karmic imprints and stored traumas lead to energetic lockdown. This includes abuse, unconscious sexuality, birth, miscarriages, abortion and surgery. There are menstrual disorders, period pain, premenstrual syndrome, cysts, fibroids, cell changes, polyps, fibromas, cystitis and predisposition for cancer etc. Bacteria, viruses and fungi find a nutritious soil due to low energy level. It is not uncommon for depressive moods and deep-seated loneliness to develop.

Through this special treatment method, the energies are clarified and they can flow more freely again.

The wombchakra is thoroughly cleaned on all levels and gentle healing is allowed to happen.

Even if the uterus, as well as the fallopian tubes and ovaries have been surgically removed, they energetically remain and are active, these are equally cleaned and harmonized with the treatment. 

Another aspect worth mentioning, that makes cleaning the womb chakra all the more important, is the severing of sexually generated energy cords and connections.

With the physical union and the mixing of body fluids, the soul energies of the two sexual partners automatically connect in a profound way. As a result, they are and will remain karmically connected. Some people can feel how former partners are still energetically “in their field”.

Unresolved old energetic connections, maintain and create further karmic entanglements that disrupt the energy field. It is therefore important to finally separate these old connections and energy cords and to dissolve them karmically by cleaning this chakra.

The womb chakra is the most important subtle center of man. It is the “home of our soul”, the origin of our being. This is how the knowledge of the principles of the lap chakra, which comes from a 7,000 year old palm leaf book, describe this energy center.

I was initiated in India to use this wonderful and unique healing method.

The womb chakra cleansing consists of 6-9 individual sessions – also as remote healing. (100,00E) I recommend, two to three sessions a month. However, the treatment cycle should be completed within one year.

The womb is the most beautiful temple in the world, the most sacred place in your body, the place of highest energy, the point of highest clarity.

It’s about making your lap that sacred place again.

Sri Kaleshwar

Collective violation of the cosmic womb

The female collective is deeply injured in the lap area. For example, different cultures invented genital mutilation and sold it to women as a female initiation ritual. There are more than 140 million girls and women worldwide who have had their genitals mutilated. There are still 8,000 more girls a day …

In the past, female sexuality was limited to marriage and was viewed as the property of men. In the Middle Ages, chastity belts were even made, women constricted in them and their lap space was literally locked. The wise women of that time were sexually abused, raped, burned or hanged in rows. Until a few years ago, rape was legally permitted in German marriages. And it is still the case in many countries. In the Arab countries, women have to hide behind a veil. If a woman is suspected of having lived her sexuality outside of marriage, she faces death by stoning.

Mass rape is used in wars as a mean to weaken people. In many countries, raped women are also indicted while rapists are being protected. Statistics show that every fourth woman today experiences violence or abuse in her life.

Effects of collective injury

What happened in the course of history, and what still happens to violence against women and female sexuality, is in the cells and in the cell memory of every single woman. We are one body. All women are part of a collective female body. If we keep this in mind, it is not surprising that women have literally locked their laps, separated from it – to not feel all this pain. The lap is the place that has been and remains the most injured in the female collective.

The impact of the collective injury can be seen in the form of various abdominal complaints from which many women suffer: vaginal infections such as fungi, clamydia, trichomonads, etc. are very common. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women after breast cancer. Fibroids proliferate in many wombs and uterine removal is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the western world – although it would be 90 percent preventable. Many women suffer from severe menstrual cramps and the so-called PMS (premenstrual syndrome). All of this is an expression of the fact that the shadow of the female collective is still unsolved.

It shows how much old ballast has accumulated over the centuries and millennia and has been passed on from mother to daughter unconsciously. It shows that women are not at home in their own wombs and that the female creative potential cannot flow freely into the world.

The sleep of the holy womb

On a subtle level, an injured lap becomes noticeable in the woman’s experience as follows: diffuse self-esteem, identification with being a victim, feeling separated, little knowledge of one’s (sexual) desires and longings, inability to set clear limits in sexuality lack spiritual depth.

For many women, this is their reality in life. Most women’s womb sleep. And we are not even aware of it because we do not know it any other way. Only when there is an awakening do we notice that we have slept before. I believe that this “sleep” is the fog of our patriarchal past, in which the female and especially the female sexuality was suppressed and the lap space was massively injured.

When a woman’s womb chakra wakes up …

Just as the myth of Avalon tells that the island of Avalon sank behind the mists as the place of the ordained priestesses, so the awakened lap space has sunk into the mists of a patriarchal past. The inner temple, the space of the mystery, closed itself to us with every violence that the female lap experienced in our collective history.

But now is the time when the fog clears and healing takes place. In which women can shine through the shadow of the past and wake up in their lap. A woman who wakes up in her lap shines in her femininity. She feels deeply connected to Mother Earth, life, the source of all being. Female knowledge becomes palpable. Your self-worth begins to shine from within. Female dignity spreads through it. Sexuality gains spiritual depth. Laughter awakens. It becomes a warming pole in the world, a source of love.

The woman’s womb chakra is the center of feminine strength, wisdom and creativity. It is the sacred place where feminine and masculine unite and where creation takes place. The lap is a gateway to other space-time dimensions, a dream space where life is newly dreamable. All human life is born from the lap.

The Womb is the place where women are connected to the earth and the whole cosmos. All knowledge of women, the inheritance of the ancestors, is stored in the womb chakra. The fountain of abundance lies in the lap, from which a stream of lust flows, giving oneself away, the deep female laughter!

The Womb is the place where we connect with our birth mother. With the connection to the physical mother, we connect with the divine mother during the womb healing.

You can set up a vase, including a card with the name of the physical mother and always put fresh flowers in it. We express the appreciation of the physical and divine mother.