Aura surgery

Aura surgery has been practiced in a variety of ways around the world for thousands of years. Whether it is the shamans of the Amazon who connect with the spiritual world with the help of master plants, or shamans and healers in Nepal, the Philippines, Malaysia, Gerhard Klügl and Dr. Mathias Künle in Europe etc. I got to know different methods and let myself be guided intuitively through the treatment with the support of the spiritual world. I am happy to use the non-linear system analysis (Etascan) for preparation and follow-up checks.

Again and again people find themselves in situations or are burdened with problems that simply cannot be solved with conventional methods. There are often blockages in the energy system. These disruptive factors are removed from the aura. The techniques of aura surgery are used here with considerable success.


An aura surgical treatment or operation takes place in the subtle body, i.e. in the aura. Keeping the concept of “karma” in mind, there are many past lives in which we have completed learning tasks and gained experience. All these experiences – all actions and reactions – we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime, shocks, conflicts, trauma, violent death, black magic, diseases such as syphilis and tuberculosis as miasmatic stress etc. Perfectly stored in our cell consciousness. We remove this information with the help of an aura surgery.

So, on one hand, with the dissolution of karmic loads z. Partly worked directly on the client, e.g. the virtual removal of a slave’s yoke from a previous life or the liberation from a black magic burden. And on the other hand, operations on surrogates can e.g. a skeleton, organ model, or in an anatomical atlas, e.g. the energetic and informational extraction of gallstones etc. Here, too, work is carried out in the client’s electromagnetic field. Scissors, surgical instruments, syringes and acupuncture needles are actually used here – the physical body is not touched in any way! At best, the client goes into resonance with the topic to be treated and feels pressure, pain or an uncomfortable feeling. The body´s consciousness of the person being treated will only allow what is good and right for him. Distant healing is possible here in all cases.

Each aura surgical treatment is accompanied for some time with the help of a special elimination procedure in the form of globules or transmission codes.

Imbalances in the system lead to
compression and interference fields
in body, spirit & soul.

If the natural order is restored,
transformation happens.

Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski