Cosmic symbols

Cosmic symbols, harmony disks and messengers

Few initiates have had the knowledge since prehistoric times that the transfer of certain signs, symbols, shapes and colors to the skin causes a powerful activation of the self-healing powers. It also changes information in the body and neutralizes potential disturbances.

Dr. Diethard Stelzl expanded the approach of Erich Körbler’s barcode method to include a rich palette of symbols and developed harmony discs made of special wood, each containing a specific palette of symbols.

The cosmic symbols also known as harmony disks can be placed or drawn on parts of the body. The self-healing mechanisms can also be activated by visualizing the symbols and storing them in the aura. I like to use the cosmic symbols and harmony discs for remote treatments using the pyramid.

Cards with messenger substances are a wonderful way to energize water and thus e.g. to regulate its hormonal balance.