Light of the Soul

13.-19. November 2024

Retreat in Ibiza

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As a veterinarian and healer, I have been combining my conventional medical knowledge with various spiritual and energetic healing methods, as well as herbal medicine, for 30 years now. I see people, animals and plants and also the earth as holistic beings.


A spiritual healing method to prevent and restore the balance and natural order between body, mind and soul. Intensive regeneration and self-healing processes are stimulated on all levels.

Heart and Wombchakra

The womb chakra is an additional, subtle chakra, which both women and men have. Women also have it on the physical level in the form of the uterus, which gives them a special role in creation.

Aura surgery

Again and again people find themselves in situations or are burdened with problems that simply cannot be solved with conventional methods. There are often blockages in the energy system. These disruptive factors are removed from the aura. The techniques of aura surgery are used here with considerable success.

Sat Nam Rasayan

It is an ancient, meditative healing form originated from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. In a specific transcendent state of consciousness I´ll try to bring the system into balance by feeling, allowing and accepting. With Sat Nam Rasayan it is possible to work very specifically.

Pyramid energy

Already the ancient Egyptian priests used the natural forces of the pyramids of Giza to increase physical and mental energies, as well as in service of comprehensive preventive medicine. Today we can make use of the healing powers of the pyramids through the targeted use of their frequency generators. This is in order to increase our vitality and prevent diseases in the long term.

Aura diagnosis

How can conclusions be drawn of the condition of a person based on the aura colors? In order to understand why the aura colors allow conclusions to be drawn from the state of people, one must know that according to Hindu teaching, the aura is connected to the energy centers (chakras) of a person.


etascan® is a bioenergetic recording system. It was developed to make bioenergetic structures visible. The human body is examined completely contactless and painless using biomagnetic vibrations. etascan® uses sensor headphones to record the entire energy system. Thousands of points are measured, the feedback is sent back to the computer and clearly displayed on the screen using clear color signals.


Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing. The shaman works with the elements and comes into contact with helping and protective spirits.

Quantum healing

Quantum healing and Matrix Energetics 2-point method are profound treatment systems for activating self-healing powers and transformation.

Code of Emotion

Thanks to our daily experiences, we ceaselessly create emotions.

Every confrontation with the environment, with other living beings. e.g. the happenings in the world set a process in motion in our subtle and unsubtle system.


A forgiveness ritual. Ho’oponopono is an ancient, traditional method of conflict resolution. For the solution of disputes and disturbance potentials of all kinds inside and out, which belongs to the ancient teachings of Hawaii, the so-called Huna (the Kahuna sciences).


Pandorstar is a lamp that represents 12 white LED lights in the shape of the flower of life. With these lights the brain will reach the desired frequency, and also the lamp induces psychedelic images with which you experience deeper states of consciousness.

Cosmic symbols

Few initiates have had the knowledge since prehistoric times that the transfer of certain signs, symbols, shapes and colors to the skin causes a powerful activation of the self-healing powers. It also changes information in the body and neutralizes potential disturbances.

Magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy devices improve the quality of life and can accelerate healing processes. The required magnetic field is generated artificially electromagnetically. I work with an Alphatron 4100 -MW. Alphatron devices are by far the most powerful on the world market and have 40 programs controlled by microprocessors.


This energy work was given to Philipinno Mauro Ambat by the “White Lady” from the 24th dimension. He who was a successful businessman, with all the material luxuries there is, received the full maramba system for a couple of nights.

House interference suppression

Earth grids and water veins as well as electrosmog not only have a negative impact on the atmosphere of a place, but also have a proven, long-term harmful effect on health. In a single remote treatment, your living space is placed in an energetic force field and the existing harmful rays are transformed into healing energies and contribute to your health.

Animal healing

Just like us humans, our animals suffer from ailments of the spine. They also bring their package with them to this world. Cats, dogs and horses are in constant resonance with their owners. It is not uncommon for animals to live the “illness” of their owners and often even develop the same physical symptoms.

 Practice with us

We can meditate together in a protected setting, combining ancient knowledge from a wide variety of traditions and the latest findings in information medicine.

Imbalances in the system lead to condensation and interference fields in body, mind and soul.

 When the natural order is restored, transformation occurs.

Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski