Animal healing

Just like us humans, our animals suffer from ailments of the spine. They also bring their package with them to this world. Everything is stored in the spine as in humans. In addition, there is a close bond with “their” people. Cats, dogs and horses are in constant resonance with their owners. In many cases they take over the issues of their owners or even the whole family and carry them on their shoulders. It is not uncommon for animals to live the “illness” of their owners and often even develop the same physical symptoms.

I can confirm this from many years of practical experience as a veterinarian. They act as a kind of mirror. Our animals in particular are very receptive to the straightening energy and gratefully accept that the divine order will also be restored in their body, mind and soul. You do not doubt or judge, but rather enjoy this healing, subtle energy. Often they are transformed. There are changes in behavior, they are possibly more relaxed, cuddly and more relaxed. Physical problems caused by various causes can also resolve.

Not all animals are allowed to live in a species-appropriate manner and are treated lovingly and respectfully by people and are traumatized. The straightening  e.g. provides an impulse for strong self-healing powers.

The straighteningand many of my other forms of treatment can be booked as remote healing for each animal. For this I need the name of the animal, a full body photo, gender, date of birth and the address. A brief description of the symptoms at hand is helpful.