A spiritual healing method to prevent and restore the balance and natural order between body, mind and soul. Intensive regeneration and self-healing processes are stimulated on all levels. The power of the universal spirit leads to a holistic healing process, both on a physical level and in the emotional and mental area.

The transmitted healing impulses resolve the spiritual and spiritual primal conflicts that cause the inconsistencies and anomalies in the physical body. As the supporting element of our skeleton, the spine is responsible for the transmission of all nerve impulses and messenger substances between the switching and control centers in the brain and all organs and cells. As a life energy channel, it also supplies all chakras and subtle energy channels.

The healing initiation of energetic straightening manifests itself immediately, painlessly and happens without touch.

 The result is immediately visible – a straightened pelvis, adjusted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths, and a straight spine.

In addition to the physical straightening, there is also an inner straightening, through the transformation and renewal of cell information, as well as cleaning and realignment of the energy body.

Any kind of complaints can be positively influenced by the straightening. E.g. scoliosis, back pain, tension, joint problems, migraines, organ diseases, as well as fears, depression, karmic attachment. In many cases, people experience emotional and physical relief and feel

“like New born”.

Because, after straightening up, a free flow of energy through the body is possible, since the original conflicts are resolved. Here, work is not carried out on the symptom level, but on the spiritual and spiritual level.

Straightening and many of my other forms of treatment can be booked as distant healing. For this I need your full name, a full body photo, gender, date of birth and address.

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