Aura diagnosis

The human aura
The human aura is an energy field that surrounds every human being and every living being. Animals and plants also have an aura. For most people, this energy field is not visible in everyday life. If, however, the aura of a person can be seen or represented with aids, it appears with a delicate, different coloured glow around the contours of the body. The aura is usually particularly pronounced around the head and shoulders. The different colors of the aura allow conclusions to be drawn about the emotional and health state of a person. 

How can conclusions be drawn of the condition of a person based on the aura colors?
In order to understand why the aura colors allow conclusions to be drawn from the state of people, one must know that according to Hindu teaching, the aura is connected to the energy centers (chakras) of a person. Depending on the state of a specific chakra, the color changes in the associated area of the Aura, so that the color image of the aura can give information about the emotions, thoughts, life energy and state of consciousness and even about the abilities of a person.