Emotion code

Thanks to our daily experiences, we ceaselessly create emotions.

Every confrontation with the environment, with other living beings. e.g. the happenings in the world set a process in motion in our subtle and unsubtle system. Emotions are invisible, but they influence our relationships, our thinking and our actions. If these emotions are “locked in”, they work covertly. Heavy emotions such as Envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, anger, fear, powerlessness, sadness, pain, etc. lead to an imbalance on all levels and weaken the immune system. They can block the flow of energy, impede the healthy function of glands and organs, and irritate body tissues. If these stuck emotions are not resolved, they can ultimately lead to pain, dysfunction, organ disorders, psychological problems such as depression, or phobias up to uncontrolled emotional outbursts. If the trapped emotion is “treason,” however it shows, we will continue to attract treason into our lives until the emotion is resolved on all levels.

When working with the emotion code, a magnet is used to work over the meridian of the governor’s vessel (or steering vessel, “Du Mai”).

Here, the magnetic resonance can overwrite or neutralize the oscillation of the enclosed emotions found that are related to a symptom and thus dissolve them. The governor’s vessel is one of the meridians with an energy storage function and is connected to all other meridians, and thus to all areas of the body and organs.

The governor’s vessel begins at the tailbone, runs vertically across the spine and the center of the head, across the forehead and nose, and ends in the center of the upper lip.