Sat Nam Rasayan

is an ancient, meditative healing form originated from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

In a specific transcendent state of consciousness I´ll try to bring the system into balance by feeling, allowing and accepting. With Sat Nam Rasayan it is possible to work very specifically, e.g. B. on organs, muscles, meridians, chakras, the energy bodies, as well as in relationship fields and the elements within us. Sat Nam Rasayan can be used medically for pain, stress, emotional disorders or psychological blockages, for acute and chronic illnesses. I almost always will include Sat Nam Rasayan sequences in my treatments.  

The regular use of Sat Nam Rasayan also has a positive effect in daily life: the experience of the great power that lies in this silence and in doing nothing gives joy, serenity and courage to face life. Sat Nam Rasayan is a direct path to awareness and intuitive living. “Sat Nam” means soul, “Rasayan” means flow.

Sat Nam Rasayan not only helps yoga practitioners and therapists, but also all those interested in sharpening their senses, learning meditation and meditative healing techniques. You can find information on training courses in Germany and Austria here:

Imbalances in the system lead to compression and interference fields in Body, spirit & soul.

If the natural order is restored,
transformation happens.

Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski