This energy work was given to Philipinno Mauro Ambat by the “White Lady” from the 24th dimension. He who was a successful businessman, with all the material luxuries there is, received the full maramba system for a couple of nights. Since he had been abused with money in many lives, he was instructed to pass this form of energy on for free until he got the O.k. for energy balance in the form of money from the White Lady. He stuck to it and passed this knowledge on, free of charge. One night White Lady appeared to him and announced that he had worked off his karma and that he could now take money as compensation.

When I work with this wonderful method, I connect with universal energies of angels from the 5th dimension, of archangels, ascended masters, subtle beings, as well as the energy of power words. The transmission of these vibrations activates certain processes in body, mind and soul. In this way, the self-healing powers are stimulated and life can be positively influenced on both a psychological and a physical level.

With every Maramba application the energy body and the physical body are freed from heavy or unwanted energies. Chakras are activated and purified and opened to a unified light field.