An extraordinary retreat for women in Ibiza

Plant Medicine & Vibrational Healing Retreat with
Dr. Martina Czolgoszewski, Bettina Maureenji & Martina Horn

13.-19. November 2024 

Let’s walk together through the portal into the new time. Through the natural connection of a Women’s circle, we will use the power of healing sounds and songs to harmonize the frequencies in all chakras, meridians and bodies to establish the contact to our soul.

Entrust yourself to the plant spirit of the great mother of the jungle and listen to possible answers. Your womb will experience purification and healing through a special processes of mantras. Open yourself up to your voice and discover with love the secrets of your heart. You are free to open up in our protected space and try to release pain. Listen to the whispers of your soul through a divine connection.

By using Nourishing oils, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene used, we will go deep into your cellular consciousness. Throughout this process you will be connected back to the wisdom of your womb consciousness. You will go through a ceremony of death and will awaken into a new life. Be brave and experience surrender to the unknown, open yourself to dance with your shadow and merge into the light with your hidden feminine power.

Wake up every morning in a new field of light and let the magic of your soul shine.

What’s waiting for you:

  • Energetic spinal straightening

  • Heart and womb chakra healing

  • Shamanic womb cleansing

  • Ritual: through death to new life

  • Fire pujas

  • Aura surgery (dissolution of karmic patterns)

  • The depth of the effect of the bibel oils

  • Rebirthing Breathwork

  • Healing through the “mother drum” (mother drum healing)

  • Being accompanied through the awakening of the female power and the rebirth of feeling through homeopathic remedies

  • Meditation to connect with your voice as an instrument

  • Discovering the medicine of your voice to awaken your self-healing powers

  • The power of the Indian scale

  • Sacred Singing Circle: finding trapped emotions in the body and releasing them

  • Creation of musical prayers

  • Connection with the holy spirits of master plants of  the Amazon region (partly microdose) for the female energy

Recommendation: abstain from alcohol about 2 weeks before the start of the retreat and eat vegetarian food. Your process begins with your registration to this retreat.

No musical or vocal training is required to participate in this retreat.

We are looking forward,
to opening this sacred space with & for you.

Martina Czolgoszewski,
Bettina Maureenji & Martina Horn

Retreat “Light of the Soul” for women

7-day retreat in Ibiza including soul food meals and accommodation in a double-bed room

Dates 2024

13.-19. November

Price for 7 days: € 2.499,00

A magnetic field therapy device and a Pandora for light therapy are available to each participant free of charge.

Number of participants: 8

Day 1 Arrival and Dinner from 5.00 p.m
Day 2-6 Retreat program
Day 7 Closing ceremony and brunch

Exemplary schedule

  • Arrival day: Dinner and get-to-know-you evening from 17:00 h
  • 9:00 – 10:00 h Breakfast – we start with a tasty breakfast. After that we continue with our retreat program.
    10:00 – 12:00 h Sound work
    12:00 – 14:00 h Spinal straightening
    14:00 – 17:00 h Lunch break
    17:00 – 19:00 h Heart & womb healing
    19:30 h Dinner
  • You will have free mornings / afternoons to do excursions at your leisure e.g. to the beach, to places of power, or to the well-known hippy markets.
  • Departure day: morning program and lunch, end is around 15:00 h

A visionary journey to the source of your very own creative power awaits you. Your self-healing powers are activated and your cells orient themselves towards the divine order again.